Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Cheeky, Cheeky

I'm a bronzer lover. Not an addict but to be honest in terms of something I dust on my cheeks every now and again, this is about as crazy as I used to get. Was it years of seeing women with bright pink/red over blushed cheeks that did it? Was it fear of looking like a bad clown? I don't know.

I decided it was time I broadened my claustrophobic horizons and dipped my toes (or cheeks) in something more adventurous. I liked the idea of peaches and pretty pinks but as I'm a bit of a blusher virgin I wanted to try it on the cheap.

First off I got the NYC Colour Wheel Mosaic Face Powder in "Peach Glow" 726A - £3.49

I wanted a nice peach glow and it is described as oil absorbing and fragrance free which sounded right up my street.

The mosaic is made up of four colours which I would describe as a bright peach, a dark pinky/peach, a natural beige and a shimmery bronze. The colours go nicely together and apply easily. I tend to brush through them all but it wouldn't be too hard to avoid the shimmery patch if you wanted to. The colour is nice and quite subtle. It gives a nice peach glow as I had hoped and looks lovely on the apples of the cheeks (I would post a photo but think my other camera would show it best and I still can't find the blooming charger!!). With some contouring from a darker powder/bronzer it also looks really natural and light giving a beautiful summery sun kissed glow. The colour is subtle and stays on well but a couple of touch ups throughout the day kept it looking fresh. So far it has held up well to be bashed about in my handbag so seems sturdy for the price. Definitely one I'll be keeping in my summer bag!

Second up was the Collection 2000 Blush in "Trouble" 04 - £2.99

I was a little worried the colour of this looked a little dark but the shop I was in didn't have a vast selection of pink blushes so I went with it. Also the cute floral design wooed me a little. The blush is shimmery and the packaging is nice and compact (great for a clutch bag!).
Again the colour goes on nicely. The pink is a lovely shade. It isn't too poppy and gives a nice visible yet natural pink which again would be best shown by my good camera (I promise to search properly for the charger in the next couple of days!). Touch ups will probably be required but given my combination skin type I am pretty used to it so I'm not bothered. Also the packaging is so small it isn't much of a burden to have to carry about. A WORD OF WARNING though, as like a lot of similar products this doesn't look like it will stand up too well to well to abuse so be prepared for some breakage/crumbling if you are as clumsy as me! This is another product I will continue to use but probably not as often as the colour wheel above.

LoubouLush x