Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Freebies & Storage

First off, I got my free Model's Own Kit from News of the World/Fabulous magazine at the weekend. Overall it cost me £2 - 2 x £1 for the Sunday papers and so for the price it looks pretty good. So far I've only tried a couple of the things and to be honest they haven't been great which is disappointing as I'm a huge fan of Models Own products.

The mascara is very fibrous and it feels very much like I have something stuck in my eyes when I wear it at first. It also doesn't seem to have much actual mascara in the tube and the formula looks pretty dry. I definitely wouldn't describe the effect and volumous either - it's pretty subtle. I also tried the eyelash curlers and again I'm not wild about them. I haven't been able to get a good angle with them and they are making my eyelashes go vertical rather than a nice curl. I'll persevere though and see how I get on my those are my initial thoughts at least...

On to something a bit more positive and I thought I'd let you in on my most recent Poundland discover (yes I love that shop!). In the DIY/tool section I pick up some box which I think are meat for storing nails and stuff but I bought them for my make up. they only cost £1. They are see through and clip shut so are handy for storing in general as well as travel. What do you think??

So did any of you pick up the kit? What do you think? Or do any of you have any handy storage tips to share?

Louboulush x