Thursday, 9 June 2011

H&M Coconut & Lime Body Scrub

I have all manner of random toiletries still littering my bathroom that I am still trying to reign in my buying of more until I've used them up. To be honest, I'm pretty good with it but this caught my eye the other day in H&M - Coconut & Lime Body Scrub. I LOVE the smell of coconut and am currently getting into holidayexcitementmood so this scent is right up my street.

I opened the lid, wafted it under my nose, saw it was £1.99 and I was sold. Like lots of other similar products I hoped it would leave a lasting scent but if not the combination of a subtle scent while using and a body scrubbing action would hopefully get my mind (and body eeek) into beach mode.

I must say for the price I am impressed. After using it for a week or so now quite regularly my skin feels noticeably smoother without any dryness (there is a matching body lotion I think but I was brave enough to pass on it). There are various sized particles of scrub with some nice big ones that aren't too harsh. Overall I'd say it is a good scrub for regular use which seems to make a difference to the smoothness of my skin without causing any pain or redness at all. The scent is gorgeous but I couldn't really smell it on my skin for long after using it though Mr L tells me he could get a subtle hint of it when he did his sniff test.

All in all a great summer bargain I think and I'll be stocking up on more very soon!

Have you got any similar scented products you can recommend? I'm slightly obsessed with holiday smells at the minute! Or have you tried this and have an opinion on it - I'd love to hear your thoughts...

LoubouLush x