Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Workwear Wishlist

So I'm back from holidays and clothes shopping is super depressing because all I am seeing are rails of holiday clothes and I have no more holidays to look forward to. I could do with some work clothes but physically trawling through shops for work clothes seems more depressing than a depressing thing so I usually shop online. My website of choice for this is usually ASOS and I haven't bought anything from there in ages but stumbled across some nice bits I thought I'd share which you might like too if you work in an office kind of environment too - though of course they would be suited to many other occasions or locations...

ASOS Midi Dress with Contrast Belt £55

ASOS Midi Dress with Soft Skirt £35 (think the blue is now out of stock, boo)
ASOS Midi Fit & Flare Dress with Basqued Waist £50
ASOS Minimal Coat With Buttons £100

ASOS Stamp Wedge Court Shoes £35

ASOS Leather Vintage Style Briefcase with Shoulder Strap £45

ASOS Leather Twist Lock Vintage Style Satchel £70

I know it's not to everyone's tastes and I probably dress a little bit older than my age but I love a bit of a vintage look. Although the shoes maybe don't quite fit with it but I always struggle finding comfortable works shoes that are nice a plain and I could do with adding a little wedge to my work collection. Anyway, I'd best get back to actually doing some work. It's all glamour eh?!

LoubouLush x