Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Flo & Percy Find

I'm not sure if I'm the only person who does this but a thought about something I own will pop into my head and I'll have a sudden panic of "Oh my God, where is that!?". This happened the other day when I was reading that Flo & Percy designed the wedding headpieces for Una and Rochelle from The Saturdays. I bought my headpiece from Kirstie too (look at little young me at the very bottom, cringe) so that means I'm practically a member of The Saturdays *cough*.

Then I realised I had also treated myself to a rather fantastic necklace from Flo & Percy a few months after my wedding and I HAD NO IDEA WHERE IT WAS. After some frantic searching this morning I found it lurking at the bottom of the drawer and I thought I just have to share its fabulousness.
Isn't it beautiful? They have some absolutely stunning designs on their site so it really is worth a look. I experienced great customer service there too. It is even prettier than I remembered and probably far too glamorous for me but one thing is for sure, this will now have pride of place in my new jewellery drawer. Note to self: stop being so careless!

LoubouLush x

Tiara/headpiece from Flo & Percy