Friday, 7 January 2011

NOTD Models Own Silver Fox Tips

I has planned keeping my nails fairly neutral this month but couldn't resist a bit of glitter. Following my previous attempt at doing the white tips on red (previous post) I felt that it might be easier for those with an unsteady hand to do glitter tips as the line doesn't need to be quite so solid/straight as the glitter has a rougher edge.
I'd been enjoying having just clear polish on my nails for a few days so thought I'd give silver glitter tips a go. So far, I LOVE it. I mainly wear blacks and greys for work and this goes really nicely without being too in your face. Unfortunately I struggled photographing it well today but hopefully you get the idea... I think it would be fab with colour glitter or with some little gems added if you wanted something more.

I used one coat of a random clear polish with 2 coats of Models OWn Silver Fox and then did a clear top coat and it dried really quickly for me which was excellent. Hopefully it wears well as removal won't be a lot of fun!

What do you think?

LoubouLush xx