Thursday, 10 June 2010

Pretty Little Shoes!

I have little feet. Sort of like hooves but not quite! They used to be a UK 4 or 5 but now are usually a 3 (EU 36 I think and US 6 maybe?) Anyway this doesn't have a lot of benefits as a rule.

Some 3s in heels are too big and most adult shoes don't go down to a 2 (and don't have decent heels) thus sometimes I need to go designer (OK not a lot of the time).
I did pick up amazing Valentino shoes in TK Maxx recently in a 36 (for £22!!) but shoe bargains aren't that easy to come by. Unless I look at children's. Now children's trainers are amazing - cheap versions of the adult ones. Result!!

This brings me onto my most recent shoe purchase. Flat sandals from Next - from the children's range (sizing of which goes up quite high incidentally). Now kids ranges obviously won't be great for heels or even boots (I do not have the ankles or legs of a 10 year old unfortunately) but they can be excellent for flats. And so I ordered these hoping they won't arrive in teeny tiny baby sizes. For flats because of my arch I usually go up a size so ordered a 4 and they cost £18 (price varies with size)
The Butterfly Cuff Sandals can be found here. I think they are great as they are fairly neutral with a bit of shimmer and cute butterfly detailing. I also like the thick ankle part and the kind of paper bag look it has.

Another great buy from Next are these which don't look like much online but I have had them for a couple of months and they are incredibly comfortable and I've had a ridiculous amount of complimentary comments on them so they would be worth a look if you are looking for an easy to wear pair of summer flats!

So whaddya think? What are your summer shoe must haves?

LoubouLush x