Thursday, 2 September 2010

Models Own It - Lipstick

Well what can I say? I love Models Own (It?) nail polishes but haven't tried any other their other products. Their 50% of Facebook sale was too good to pass up (and what a fab PR exercise on their part!!), especially as I want a bright red lipstick for Halloween and saw fab looking one on their site...

Overall, it was a bit of a faff trying to order from the ever crashing site, but hey what do you expect with these things? For 50% off I thought it was worth the effort. My order arrived quickly and although one items was out of stock then rest (mainly nail polish) was all perfect!

I'm not a big lipstick lover. I love the look of nudes and MAC lipstick shades but recently I've realised it seems to give me a bit of a rash.

My bare nekkid lips

First up the lipsticks are usually £5 each. The packaging look nice enough - fairly basic and simple really. I am a little worried about how them will stand up to be smoushed (am I making this up?) with lipstick and chucked in my bag but we'll see...

Red Scarlett looks very vibrant online and I wasn't disappointed in the flesh. The tube was sealed but unfortunately the lipstick had been pressed against the lid during the manufacturing process presumably and the lip was a bit messy and it didn't have the sharp finish a new lipstick should. A minor complaint really though... I'd say it offers a very pillar box red. Very bright and feels super moisturising and rich on. I really liked it though can't comment on how well it will least as I'm not brave enough to wear it for anything length of time or in public lol. It will be getting some exhibitioning at Halloween though hopefully.

Sheer Sparkle was the other one I ordered. I thought it looked pretty in the packaging and it gives a sparkly sheen to the lips. I didn't noticed the colour so much until I was removing it and could see it on the cotton pad - it gives a pale nudey pink colour with the glitter. The glitter is very noticeable (difficult to pick up on my camera) and it is also quite difficult to remove - like a lot of glitter make up I guess! I think it could be a nice alternative for a gloss on a night out either on it's own or over the top of something else. It's not something I could use every day though and I also found it felt a little gritty on my lips - presumably the glitter...

All in all I think the Scarlett Red is the winner here. The red truly is beautiful and as bright as the website pictures would lead you to believe. One gripe I do have is the website doesn't have much by way of description for the colours (that I could find?)- you have to go on the photo alone which when buying online isn't great. For me, the more information the better!!

So what do yout think of Models Own? Did you partake in the sale too??

LoubouLush x