Monday, 28 May 2012

Cushion crush - part two

Oooh quick post from my iphone so hopefully this works! Following on from this post  my striped eBay cushion covers have arrived and are now on the spare bed so I thought I'd share a few pictures...

I know it won't be to everyone's tastes but I like the combination of the colours and the patterns.  Just a couple more accessories, some fab art work and a light fitting and that'll be the room done!

LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cushion Crush - Posh Pigeon

It's probably a sure sign that I'm turning into a old woman but since I started "doing up" my spare room/dressing room I've been hunting high and low for nice cushions to go on the bed to give it a bit of a lift.  I want to incorporate the whites, greys and navies I'm bringing into the room while still giving a bit of a nod to cream as well, my carpet and walls are cream and I don't have many spendy beans spare at the minute so it will be staying that way for the foreseeable!

I've always been a bit scared of patterns but Pinterest has encouraged be to be a bit braver with having some clashes going on so I thought cushions were a good place to start.

Here is my wish list for cushions.

  • 3 cushions
  • to have cream, white, navy and grey
  • 2 smaller matching
  • 1 larger quirky "feature cushion" 
  • £50 maximum budget for all 3 (who knew cushions were so expensive eh?!)
I have friends coming to stay in a couple of weeks so yesterday I bit the bullet and decided to get some cushions ordered.  Two striped cushions from eBay (not arrived yet but cost £9.48 in total for 2 including delivery) and this gorgeous "Posh Pigeon" cushion by Sixes and Sevens which I bought from Urban Cuckoo (I think I might have bought the last one from here but I think it is available elsewhere online).

First off I wasn't going to post about this until possibly I had the room finished but I thought I should as I was very impressed by how fast the delivery was from Urban Cuckoo.  I ordered it at lunchtime yesterday and it arrived with me this morning.  It cost £37.55 including £3.95 delivery. And the cushion is the cutest thing I've seen all week!

So 3 cushions, including a bit of a splurge on the "feature" pigeon = £47.03.  Now I just hope the eBay ones are OK and they all look good together.  Eeeek.  I'm starting to think I'm not brave enough to pull off having a mixture of colours and patterns.  To be continued...

LoubouLush x

Friday, 4 May 2012


I spent last weekend in London visiting my very lovely friend Michelle.  We don't get to see much of each other these days so it was wonderful to get to spend a few days together.  We had a relaxing couple of days of chatting and strolling around.  We had Mad Hatters Afternoon Tea at the Sanderson Hotel (which I want to go back and stay in - it was fabulous!) and shopping wise I bought... a belt!  Yes a £3.99 belt from H&M was all I bought shopping wise.  Minor miracle!  I have bought some clothes online recently though so hope to do a bit of a haul post on them next week.

Anyway here are some snaps from my trip including the tea and a local park which don't include me as I was looking rougher than a rough thing!

 (two stands due to them catering for allergies)

Have a lovely weekend and hello Michelley :)