Friday, 23 March 2012

How do you like them apples?

I like apples. Not massively keen on the fruit itself but as a design or a doodle or whatever I feel a bit drawn to them. I have a couple of apple rings and necklace that I love and posted about here so when I spied these in New Look yesterday I had to snap them up as I think they're really cute.

I also noticed a *cough* homage to the Galibardy ring in my old post near the till in New Look. While it is fairly bargainous also I much prefer the dearer ones I have ta.

In other news and just to reiterate that I seem to have a thing for fruit just now, the lemon dress in the background is from New Look last summer and the nail polish is Barry M 318 Peach Melba.

What are your thoguhts on fruit prints and accessories? I think this totally counts as part of my 5 a day by the way ;)

Have a fabulous weekend xx

LoubouLush x