Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Ciaté Mini Mani Advent Calendar from TK Maxx 2014

There seems to have been some chatter about the TK Maxx deal offering the Ciate Mini Mani Advent calendars at £19.99 this year. They seem to have sold out online but were still readily available in my local shops in Northern Ireland. There were a choice of the blue pattered version, red patterned and plain red version. After much deliberating over the colours and accessories as shown on the back I went with the blue which I think may have been their 2013 Advent Calendar. I have added some photos below to show what it looks like inside and to reveal the secret nail polish which I assume is the same in all of the blue patterned versions. I really wanted to know what it was before I bought it but overall I'm pleased enough with what it turned out to be.

The mystery secret full size paint pot is a pink glitter shade, "Serendipity", below:

There is a good selection of shades and finishes, some really pretty looking colours and some of them will be used by me more than others but  I can't say there's any I wouldn't use at all. As expected for something festive, glitter and shimmer features heavily. I really like the quality of Ciate nail paints so think it's a fab wee present for anyone who likes to paint their nails different styles and colours - it isn't for someone who likes to keep things neutral.

Overall, I think it's great for £19.99 but wouldn't want to pay the £50.00 RRP.

LoubouLush x

Saturday, 8 November 2014

A/W Coat and Boots

I know it's been a while but thought I'd do an outfit of the day post. It's not often I'm wearing clothes that are still available to buy!

This year I fancied getting some winter boots. I'd bought some flat ankle boots from Next last year and had worn them almost to death. This year I was lusting after some knee length ones and settled on the long sludge boots from Next. Now I'm always nervous about trying on such boots in a shop for the fear they won't zip up but these were fine. The boots are available in regular fit and wide and after much deliberation I felt the wide were more comfortable on. I didn't find much difference in the regular and wide fit to be honest so I'm not sure how generous the "wide" sizing really is. I was torn on the colour and while the tan are lovely, I felt I'd get more wear from the black. I struggled to find them in store but got them online... eventually.

I decided this year that I wouldn't buy a winter coat. I have a lot of them already. A lot, a lot. However, last winter I was pregnant/just after having a baby and about 3 stone larger than normal so I didn't buy one then and thus the temptation to treat myself this year was nipping at me. I spotted a super soft and chic pinky nude one while browsing around M&S and for £59 and armed with a 20% off voucher I decided I HAD to have it. I'm so pleased I did, I've found it great for a with jeans and boots look and for work. I am a bit nervous about how well it will cope with stains etc so if you have any reassuring stories for me, please share.

Marks and Spencer M&S Notch Neck Zipped Coat in Light Putty for £59. NEXT Zip Long Sludge Boots in Black for £85.

I still love my H&M faux fur stole from a few winters ago and think it looks pretty cute with the coat too.

Excuse the silly faces. It's not easy getting your photo taken randomly beside an unusually busy road between rain showers.

LoubouLush x