Monday, 4 April 2011

NOTD Revlon Scented Nail Polish Peach Smoothie

Hi everyone! I hope you all had a fab weekend and Mother's Day? Mine was fairly quiet which given how manic work can be is always a good thing...

Last week I FINALLY spotted Revlon's Scented polishes on sale in a local Boots. I'd tried shops all over NI until I finally found Ballymena's Tower Centre Boots came up trumps! Now I've been intrigued about these since I first heard about them. I love nail polish with a bit of a twist and thought these sounded fun. I wasn't sure what colour I wanted or indeed what scent. It is a strange dilemma really - go for the colour I like most or the smell?!

After much deliberation my first choice was the Peach Smoothie (345). The colour looked nice for the summer - a soft peach with a hint of gold shimmer and I thought the scent should be good too. It's so disappointing that you can't get a hint of the final scent from the wet polish (yes, I AM impatient). Excitedly I applied a clear basecoat and added the first coat of the polish and waited for it to dry. It dried quickly and the peach scent was apparent. The coverage however was quite poor and I hoped a second coat would rectify it. It did help but in my opinion the coverage wasn't great which I found disappointing (photos show 2 coats of the Peach Smoothie).

The colour is quite pretty but given the price of the polish (usually £6.49 though currently on offer at Boots for 2 for £8) I don't fancy regularly painting 3-4 coats with it. The scent has lasted about 3-4 days I would say with the scent now barely there. The scented thing has actually been quite funny. I touch my face a lot and the waft of peach scent has taken a bit of getting used to, especially when I'm eating - I can't taste anything but if I happen to breathe in would food near my mouth the combination of peach smell and taste of whatever food has been a bit weird!

The Bad It requires 3-4 coats in my experience. It's difficult choosing between colour and scent and maybe a little scratch and sniff label on the polish would help in knowing what scent you liked best.

The Good Overall, I love the concept. The colour is pretty. The scent is nice too. It hasn't chipped which is quite impressive as I didn't topcoat. The price isn't TOO bad but I would be tempted to use over a cheaper "normal" nail polish rather than building 3-4 coats with this (the bottle suggests 2 coats are enough...)

Would I repurchase? Um, probably in other colours/scents to play around with. Have you tried it yet? What was your verdict?

LoubouLush x