Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Black, grey, silver gradient nails

I'm going to keep this quick as no doubt you've seen similar a million times before but this was my first go at it and I mightily impressed with just how easy it was so thought I'd share...

Photo above taken 3 days after initial application

Not sure why this photo won't stayed the right way around, hmmm

I think this is a simple way to create a fun nail effect with all sorts of possible combinations and had been meaning to give it a go for a while. So I did a base coat with the pale pink and allowed it to dry. Sponged the pale grey on to the top 3/4 or so of the nail and allowed to dry (very quick as it's such a light coat) and topped about half with the dark grey on the sponge. The sponge layers dried really quickly which I found really handy. I then added some glitter polish to the tips. Allowed to dry again (this Models Own one is a fairly quick drier in my experience for a glitter). Then applied another coat of glitter down to close to the base of my nails. I should have applied a clear topcoat but was in a hurry and it's held up pretty well I think!

All in all it sounds like a lot more hassle than it was but really it all dried very quickly and I was happy with how it turned out especially for the first go. The beauty of this is that I think it's a good way to use up nail polishes you maybe wouldn't otherwise. I would be tempted to stick with Models Own glitter polishes as I really like the quality of them but as for base coats and gradient colours I think the world is your lobster! The sponges can be bought very cheaply in the likes of Poundland too and the application is really simple once you get the knack for it.

I hope you enjoyed that and maybe it's inspired you to try something new...

LoubouLush x