Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Queen of Hearts - Fancy Dress

I could babble on about this outfit for eternity but I won't!! I thought I'd let the photos (sorry they aren't the best quality) speak for themselves.

I sewed up part of an old black formal dress, added my red tutu from last year, made a collar from card and a tea towel and sewed it on. I added the glitter heart bag, bought a fab crown, little Alice in Wonderland bracelet from Claires Accessories and glued together some playing cards to make me a fan.

Make up wise I went for dramatic smokey glittery eyes and glittery Barry M polish (I will definitely reuse this for Christmas!!). And how could I forget the fab feather lashes I had picked up in TK Maxx for the bargainous £1.99!

All in all it was pretty bargain basement and a bit rushed in the end. I might just go for something big that I can wear my pyjamas under next year!

Did any of you get dressed up? Make me jealous with all your costume photos :D

LoubouLush x