Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Gelish Toenails - Tiger Blossom

I've been meaning to post this since I got back from holiday but have been trying to master uploading better quality images which has been driving me MAD.

Anyway back to the matter in hand. Before my holibobs I decided I wanted to try this gel polish I'd read so much about. I decided that because I like changing my nail polish quite often on my fingernails that toenails were probably the way to go and it would be super handy to not have to worry about my toenails while I was away. I wanted something bright that would hold up well against the heat, sand and swimming pools of Thailand without me having to worry much about it.

I decided to travel down to Michelle at Bliss Beauty Clinic in Dromore and got the first class pedicure with Gelish in Tiger Blossom which is a lovely bright coral shade.

First of all I was really impressed with how quickly all the layers were applied and dried. The colour is a perfect summer shade and is finished with a beautiful gloss.

All in the aid of thorough research *cough* I did lots of lazing by and in the pool and sea, exposing it to plenty of sand and sunshine and I was impressed with how durable the Gelish was. It stayed very glossy and bright throughout the trip and didn't seem to fade or chip at all.

On returning home (about 2.5 weeks after I'd had it done) the Gelish on one of the toenails seemed to suffer a little bit of lifting at one side but it was still very wearable with it - I could only tell by touching it.

Overall I was delighted with how quick it was to get done with great results. I'm still not sure it would be great for my fingernails just as I change them so much but for toenails, especially for a holiday or stretch of time when they'll be on show I think it's great and couldn't recommend Michelle more so if you're in NI you might want to give her a shout!

Any other Gelish fans out there?

LoubouLush x