Wednesday, 17 August 2011

NOTD Ciaté "Wait Until Dark"

I picked the Ciaté "Wait Until Dark" Paint Pot up in the latest (September) issue of Marie Claire magazine (which also comes with a free Dove hand cream bargain hunters). It was a choice between this a nude colour "My Fair Lady" which also looked lovely and at a normal price of £9 for the 13.5ml bottle I probably should have bought both...

I was really impressed with how easily the colour applied and dried (I used 2 coats on most fingernails, 3 on a few others for touch up). It has chipped a little at the edges today which is now on its third day of wear without a clear topcoat so not bad for a dark colour I reckon. I like the Ciaté packaging. the shape of the bottle and the bow are quite cool though there something about the print on the label which makes it look a bit handmade - not necessarily a bad thing, some something I noticed.

Anyway - overall I'm impressed, especially for a freebie and I would be tempted buying a full price Ciaté polish now as they weren't a brand I'd previously been that interested in other than from freebie magazine offers.

What do you think? Did you pick up either of the polishes?

LoubouLush x