Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Cushion Crush - Posh Pigeon

It's probably a sure sign that I'm turning into a old woman but since I started "doing up" my spare room/dressing room I've been hunting high and low for nice cushions to go on the bed to give it a bit of a lift.  I want to incorporate the whites, greys and navies I'm bringing into the room while still giving a bit of a nod to cream as well, my carpet and walls are cream and I don't have many spendy beans spare at the minute so it will be staying that way for the foreseeable!

I've always been a bit scared of patterns but Pinterest has encouraged be to be a bit braver with having some clashes going on so I thought cushions were a good place to start.

Here is my wish list for cushions.

  • 3 cushions
  • to have cream, white, navy and grey
  • 2 smaller matching
  • 1 larger quirky "feature cushion" 
  • £50 maximum budget for all 3 (who knew cushions were so expensive eh?!)
I have friends coming to stay in a couple of weeks so yesterday I bit the bullet and decided to get some cushions ordered.  Two striped cushions from eBay (not arrived yet but cost £9.48 in total for 2 including delivery) and this gorgeous "Posh Pigeon" cushion by Sixes and Sevens which I bought from Urban Cuckoo (I think I might have bought the last one from here but I think it is available elsewhere online).

First off I wasn't going to post about this until possibly I had the room finished but I thought I should as I was very impressed by how fast the delivery was from Urban Cuckoo.  I ordered it at lunchtime yesterday and it arrived with me this morning.  It cost £37.55 including £3.95 delivery. And the cushion is the cutest thing I've seen all week!

So 3 cushions, including a bit of a splurge on the "feature" pigeon = £47.03.  Now I just hope the eBay ones are OK and they all look good together.  Eeeek.  I'm starting to think I'm not brave enough to pull off having a mixture of colours and patterns.  To be continued...

LoubouLush x