Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Birthday presents - Cake & Primark Playsuit

Well I'm supposedly a year older since my last post (sob) and after a few days of mayhem I am back with a quick blog post.  Mr L whisked me away a couple of weeks ago for a few days in Mayo as a Birthday treat but I'll do a separate post of that later.  He also bought me a yummy Choccywoccydoodah cake which was DELICIOUS.  IT came in the post all bubble wrapped and intact - so yes they DO deliver to Northern Ireland.  Result!!!

This is the Marshmallow Pyramid Cake in Chocolate with White Chocolate Truffle...

My little sister bought me a playsuit as part of my present and while I've only got one H&M one which I'd only wear on holidays I actually really like this.  The pattern and shape are really lovely and the fabric feels really nice.  I'm not sure I have the figure to pull it off or if I'll be brave enough to wear it anywhere other than about the house but still if you're braver than me it might be worth a buy!

LoubouLush x