Thursday, 11 August 2011

OOTD - Kind of...

I'll tell you a story. Before I went on holidays I bought some clothes and these trousers were one of the items I picked up. I got them home and realised they were a bit of a snug fit so didn't bring them with me. Despite me "dieting" before holidays I'd completely hit a wall weight wise. I put on some weight on holiday and then lost that plus another couple of pounds the week after I returned so I dug these trousers out again and they are much more comfortable on so I put them on today.

HOWEVER I felt they were maybe still a bit snug so I changed again before I went to work but thought I'd put up the photos anyway so see what you think and show you what a pear shape looks like in peg style trousers (as it was a big worry for me as to how they'd suit!).

Anyway here's a run down on what I'm wearing:
- black shouler pad t-shirt from ASOS
- trousers and belt from Miss Selfridge
- black mid court shoes from Primark

I think I really like them and will do more if I lose another few pounds. Do you own anything similar? What do you wear it with? Do you think pears can get away with pegs?? Let me know if you think they're keepers or not...

LoubouLush x

* disclaimer - I know my fringe is super wonky - it needs a trim :)