Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Happy Holidays!!

I hope you've all been having a wonderful time over the holidays! Posting will resume properly next week. At the minute I'm a bit overwhelmed with food and presents so will get that over me first. At least the snow has almost disappeared here though it's left a bit of a trail of carnage behind. I hope the weather isn't too mad with the rest of you.

I'm off to read some blogs and eat more chocolate!

Brrrr xxxx

Tuesday, 14 December 2010

Avon Advanced Techniques Serum

I tend to forget how handy hair serum can be until this time of year when the cold seems to make the ends of my hair split and serum is about the only thing that helps calm it down. I discovered Avon's Advanced Techniques Straight & Sleek Smoothing Serum recently and it's become a staple for my haircare routine. I use on damp or dry hair to sooth the cuticle and although I haven't always been a fan of the shampoos in this range I must say I find many of the other products great value. This is usually priced at £5.00 but at the minute is available for 3 for £5 along with some other products in the range as far as I know!!

Like all serums I find a bit of playing about is needed to find out how much product works for YOU. I would use sparingly and build up slowly until you find how much you need.

Have you tried anything from this range? I must say I've had a bit of a rediscovered love for Avon at the minute so keep you eyes peeled for more post on it!

LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Festive NOTD - Barry M "Bright Red"

If ever a nail polish was well named it was this one! As the photos show (I hope) this polish is a gorgeous, rich, vibrant red. I love it! I think it will be fab with my Louboutin soles too :)

I've added a clear top coat to this and so far it's wearing pretty well though I find with such statement colours as this, the odd touch up is to be expected.

All in all, this is a keeper and I'll be snapping another one up if I see it as I think it'll be worn a lot over the next month or so especially.

What do you think girls??
LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

NOTD Barry M Mushroom

I can't believe it's taken me so long to post about this but then again it has taken me this long to actually getting around to trying this polish out. I bought it on a whim and then realised I wasn't sure if it was very "me". Anyway at the weekend I felt the need to try something different so here it is:

I must say I liked it more than I expected. It is really nice for something simple and fairly neutral - a softer alternative to blacks and charcoals perhaps. Depending on the light it seemed to generally have quite warm undertones but then in darker conditions seemed to turn more grey. Would I repurchase? Mmm not entirely sure yet. I don't think it's one of my favourite Barry M offerings but it seems pretty similar in quality to the others, it's just the shade I'm not quite sold on.

After a day or two I've added a touch of Models Own "Pink Fizz" to brighten it up a little.

Barry M RRP £2.95, Models Own RRP £5.00 though both can often be found on offer.

LoubouLush x

Monday, 29 November 2010

December Sparkle

Happy December!

Decemebr is quite possibly my favourite month of the year. It's the month of Christmas and my wedding anniversary. I love the glitz and sparkle of it. To celbrate that here are a couple of photos of one of my most prized possessions - my Christian Louboutin Gold Multi Glitter Numero Prives. I bought these in Barneys while on honeymoon in New York. They never fail to take my breath away :)

I hope you all enjoy the run up to the festivities...

LoubouLush x

Winter Essentials

I don't know if everyone is being affected by the snow but I'm fairly sure most of you have noticed at least a dip in temperatures. At this time of year I find my skin, nails and hair become dehydrated and in need of extra TLC.

I love a bit of high end luxury but the point of this post really is to say - you don't need it always. This is the perfect time of the year so put on lashings of that body lotion and conditioner you haven't used yet and is cluttering up your collection. Exfoliation is still important of course but be gentle on yourself. I find hand scrub a great little essential for keeping my hands silky smooth but am sure to team it with moisturiser!

I'm not as good at regular moisturising as I should be but this time of the year is great for clearing my backlog of lotions and potions. I put lots on at night and allow my skin, nails and hair to soak it all in overnight. Leave in hair conditioners work wonders and because the weather is so horrendous I ditch the hair straighteners for at least a week or two and loosely pin my hair up instead. Lip balms and basics like Vaseline help seal in moisture to my lips and shield from the elements.

Some of skin stuff I'm loving at the minute but genuinely I don't discriminate.
Unless something gives me a bad reaction, it's all fair game.

Make up wise, I think simple and waterproof is the way to go. The last thing you need to be worrying about is your make up when you're skidding about in the street so I think it's really back to basics on this one. Personally I've been going with moisturiser and a touch of eyeliner and mascara. Remember waterproof on the eyes isn't only a great thing if you are caught in a rain or snow shower but wonderful if you get watery eyes like I do in the wind and cold! I use the GOSH eye primer too which helps keep the eye make up in one piece for a little longer (GOSH face primer brings me out in spots, but so far the eye one seems good).

5 top tips
1. Do it at night - leave it to soak overnight and pop some gloves or socks on the extremities to help keep the goodness in
2. Do it with water - having the heating on more often, teamed with the bad weather means your body is being exposed to extremes in terms of temperature and condition and drinking water will help keep you hydrated
3. Do it on the cheap - slather all those lotions and potions on that have been cluttering up your shelves/drawers. Win win.
4. Do it simply - keep your hair and make up simple, you don't want to be faffing with straighteners and retouching make up constantly during the winter chill (well not every day ;) )
5. Do it sensibly - keep warm and keep safe! Downsize the heels and bring your jacket or scarf with you if you're going out. Fashion can be fun but functional - take note of the weather before you plan your outfit. Blue skin isn't a good look unless you're in Avatar.

Have you any tips you'd like to share? I'd love to hear from you :)
Until next time lovelies...

LoubouLush x

Monday, 22 November 2010

Christmas Festive Knitwear

I love a bit of festive cheesiness and what better way to celebrate it than with a Christmas themed jumper?! I've tried to keep within the realms of reasonable taste with these but if you are prepared to take it that one step further there are lots of online sites with festive clothes that are a bit more "specialised"...

Angora Icicle Jumper Dress £55 from www.joythestore.com

Knitted Reindeer Jumper £48.00 from www.topshop.com

Louche Nana Fairisle Jumper Knit Dress from www.joythestore.com

Multi Patterned Sweater £30 from

Reindeer Jumper Knit Dress £22.99 from

Sequin Deer Jumper £24.99 from

What do you think? I still haven't bought one yet but there seems to be quite a choice on the highstreet/online, especially if you have a penchant for reindeer/deer it would seem... I might end up sticking to lazing about in a pair of Santa pjyamas.

Will you be sporting themed clothes this Christmas?
LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

NOTD Models Own Mystic Mauve

It started with "Champagne" really - the ease of application, the flattering finish, the delicate shimmer. I love the shimmer range from Models Own so have gradually been building up my collection. I noticed the Mystic Mauve lying in my drawer yesterday unopened and thought I 'd give it a go.

I've got into a bit of a dark rut since the colder weather had hit and thought maybe my partically black stained nails maybe deserved a lighter treat. I'll be honest, I wasn't sure I was going to love the pastel in the winter. But I was wrong.
Like the others, the finish is so delicate and pretty I simply cannot dislike it. The lilac is a subtle but welcome change from the usual silver of gold shades. It offers a great coverage in one coat but a second coat helps build it up even more. All in all I am very pleased with it.

Excuse the messiness of the appication in the photos - the excess with come off easily later but I've literally just applied it at my desk and once again I'm in love.
Are you sporting deep coloured nails this winter or have you given lighter options a go?

LoubouLush x

Wednesday, 10 November 2010

5 things I have learned...

Hi lovelies! Sorry I've been a bit AWOL but normal service will resume shortly :)

This will be a but of a mini post but I was musing a couple of days ago about things I have learned about beauty. They are probably pretty obvious but sometimes you just need someone to say it and it clicks, right? And of course they are just my opinions and experiences but I thought I would share some of things...

1. Moisturise even if it's a pain. I have quite oily skin and greasy hair but applying a moisturiser to your skin and an intensive conditioner (or in my case, argan oil) to your hair overnight can works absolute wonders.

2. Sometimes your hair and skin will be dull and rubbish looking and that's that. You might get breakouts of spots or flaky skin and there might just be nothing any cream will be able to do about it. Hormones in my cases are playing havoc with my skin at the minute. Thank God for Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation.

3. Be gentle with wet hair. Try to tease out knots as hair breaks so much easier when wet. Try to only straighten dry hair (let protective spray dry a little even) and you hair will thank you for it.

4. Expensive is not always better. I find budget hair conditioners, no frills moisturiser and "lower end" nail polishes work a treat. You might take a while finding the ones that work but when you do, you're onto a winner!

5. Sometimes expensive is better. I love some of my more expensive skin products like EL Night Repair and my Federic Fekkai Shampoos and Conditioners. They most certainly aren't every day products for me though and it works for me and my bank balance.

What would your top tip or bit of advice be right now? Do you disagree with any of the above? I'd love to hear your thoughts...

LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Queen of Hearts - Fancy Dress

I could babble on about this outfit for eternity but I won't!! I thought I'd let the photos (sorry they aren't the best quality) speak for themselves.

I sewed up part of an old black formal dress, added my red tutu from last year, made a collar from card and a tea towel and sewed it on. I added the glitter heart bag, bought a fab crown, little Alice in Wonderland bracelet from Claires Accessories and glued together some playing cards to make me a fan.

Make up wise I went for dramatic smokey glittery eyes and glittery Barry M polish (I will definitely reuse this for Christmas!!). And how could I forget the fab feather lashes I had picked up in TK Maxx for the bargainous £1.99!

All in all it was pretty bargain basement and a bit rushed in the end. I might just go for something big that I can wear my pyjamas under next year!

Did any of you get dressed up? Make me jealous with all your costume photos :D

LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 26 October 2010

Estee Lauder Christmas Spectacular

I love Estée Lauder. It's a relatively new thing for me. I have a couple of lipsticks, mascara, eyeliner and the night repair which I've bought in the last couple of months. My lastest addition and new love is the double wear foundation so I am a convert. I also have more than a little bit of love for their opulent, retro chic kind of packaging which reminds me a bit of the 80s - think it's all that gold!

Estée Lauder has been in my life for as long as I remember as it's the home of my Mum's signature fragrance, Youth Dew. Every year Daddy LoubouLush buys it for my Mum so I was intrigued to see their offer on the Makeup Artist Professional Color Collection 2010.

The Collection is £49 (for £315 of makeup based on RRPs) when bought with any Estée Lauder fragrence so I thought this was too much of a good Christmas present for my Dad to pass up (I'm more than a little jealous I can't afford it for myself just now).

The offer started yesterday, 25th October as far as I know and includes:

Deluxe Eyeshadow Compact with 18 coordinating shades (Ivory Slipper, Silver Bell, Tranquil Moon, Smoky Ember, Candy Crave, Polished Platinum, Enchanted Forest, Hot Cinnamon, Peacock Blue, Sugar Biscuit, Amethyst Spark, French Vanilla, Wild Sable, Nude Fresco, Berry Burst, Safari Green, Tempting Mocha, Provocative Plum)
Deluxe Face Compact (Estée Lauder Signature Silky Powder Blush in Nude Rose, Rosewood and Pink Kiss, plus Bronze Goddess Soft Matte Bronzer)
4 Pure Color Long Lasting Lipsticks (full-size, in Pink Parfait, Tiger Eye, Rose Tea and Bois de Rose)
Pure Color Gloss (exclusive double-ended gloss with shades Pink Kiss and Plum Divine)
3 Artist's Eye Pencils (great for smoky eyes, in SoftSmudge Black, SoftSmudge Brown and Slate Writer)
Gentle Eye Makeup Remover (full-size 100ml)
4 Deluxe Makeup Brushes (Powder, Blush, Lip and Eye)
Look Book with tips on creating great makeup looks with your new shades
Golden Stand-Up Mirror
Cosmetic Traveler Case
Companion Makeup Case

I bought this with a bottle of Youth Dew in my local Boots and I'm not sure if the set looks exactly as this photo but it came with the added bonus of Advantage Points so I'm happy and no doubt my Mum will be pleased when she sees it on Christmas morning. The box it comes in looks nice and festive and the kit overall looks sizable and pretty glam.

All in all a great bargain I think - anyone else snapped it up??

Available online, instore and only while stocks last...

LoubouLush x

Monday, 25 October 2010

Trick or Treat... Malteser/Mint Aero Traybakes

This weekend I decided to give some chocolate tray bakes a go. I’d heard they were simple. I heard they were delicious so I thought they would be worth a shot. Mmm and my tastebuds told me I was right. My scales, mmm not so much!

100g butter
200g milk chocolate
3 tablespoons Golden Syrup
225g finely crushed Digestive biscuits
225g Mint Aero or Maltesers

Melt the butter, milk chocolate and golden syrup in a pan (careful as this can burn if not stirred) or in a bowl over hot water in a saucepan.

Crumble the digestives into fine crumbs using a food processor ideally or put them in a food bag and bash them around.

Add the crumbs to the melted mixture and mix them both well by hand. Fold in the Maltesers or broken pieces of Mint Aero.

Pour the mixture into a lined tin/sided dish to you desired thickness. Allow to set in the fridge for a couple of hours before cutting into portions.

I used this recipe and divided the melted mixture and digestives in two and added half Malteser, half Mint aero and got 8 generous portions of each. Mmmmm.

Possible additions...
100g milk chocolate (for the Malteser version)
100g mint aero (aero version)

The Malteser one is less chocolatey as there is less chocolateyness to melt in the warm mixture so I melted some extra milk chocolate to add to the top.

For the Aero version I added a rectangle of Aero to the top of each tray bake.

Other variations...
You could try this out with so many other chocolately delights... Toffee Crisp, Mars Bar, Crunchie and not forgetting you could substitute Digestives for a different biscuit or add some Marshmallows so extra yumminess.

I'd love to hear if you have tried these or have any ther similar recipes for me to have a go with :D

LoubouLush x

Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Winter Wardrobe

I love the winter but hate the cold. So it makes sense that I love layering up and wearing lovely warm clothes. I've been lusting over lots of clothes for the run up to the festive season so thought I'd share some of the things on my wish list (ok I've bought two of them)...

please feel free to add yours and give me even more to drool over ;)

Topshop Faux Fur Cossack Hat (£20)
Bought it, love it, it keeps my head toasty warm. I'm yet to wear it in public...

Joy the Store - Louche Knitted Heart Hat (£12) and Mittens (£8)
- also available in cream
Cute and warm - what is not to love?

Oli - Closet Rouched Tulip Dress (£39)
I have a new found love for dark blues and navies which I'm finding surprisingly flattering. I also love the style of lots of the Closet dresses.

Next Fit and Flare Coat (£75)
- red or camel and available in regular, petite, tall and plus (while stocks last)
I bought the camel and I really love it - great colour, flattering shape - win win!!

ASOS Gispy Heart Tights (£6)
- black or black and white
I love patterned tights, they make me smile and these are just an example of some of the fun ones around.
Next post of winter fashion will no doubt involve sparkly party dresses and ridiculous shoes!

LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Barry M Nail Effects

It's no secret I like a little bit of nail art. I was therefore intrigued by Barry M Nail Effects which is currently available in black. From what I could see it looks like it would provide a crackle kind of coat, a bit like something Carol Smillie would have oohed and aahed over in Changing Rooms circa 1998. Unlike the rest of the Barry M Nail Paint range this is priced at £3.95 which is still relatively cheap in my opinion.

First I tried it over the red from a couple of posts ago and it seemed to crack and dry very quickly. The colour difference wasn't too striking as the red is relatively dark. The black dries very quickly and almost to a dark charcoal rather than black and the finish is very matte. I thought it gave a nice touch of extra interest to my nails especially if you looked closely.
Next I tried it over a clear basecoat. It applied quite easily on the first nail (thumb) but I realised how fast you need to be to apply it to a nail as the rest dries out so quickly once it has touched the nail. The final result wasn't horrendous, but I would describe it as... patchy. Some brush strokes are visible and where it was applied more lightly the crackling didn't hide the brush stroke look. I think a wider brush might help make the application easier. After 2 quick applications I can see some of the paint getting clumpy in the bottle also as it seems to dry out so quickly which isn't great really...

From a distance they don't look too bad, maybe a bit of a lace effect almost?

All in all I'm a bit on the fence about this one. I love black nails but don't always have the patience to build up the colour and think this could be handy to add a last minute touch of intrigue to otherwise dull nails. I quite like the matte look for a bit of a change though I probably should use a top coat over it. For now though I don't think I'll be wearing it for for very long...

Have you tried it yet? Have I gone wrong with it somewhere?

LoubouLush x

Monday, 11 October 2010

NOTD Free Ciate Paint Pot with Marie Claire Magazine

I'm a sucker for a freebie and picked up Marie Claire magazine at the weekend (November 2010 edition with Lea Michele on the cover) for£3.50 and it had a choice of 2 free Ciate paint pots worth £9 included!
I don't own any of these polishes so was intrigued to have a go. I got the red "Dangerous Affair" pot which looks beautiful in the bottle - a real rich red which would I thought would be great for Halloween or Christmas (as if it needed a special occasion!!)

A clear base coat, and two coats of the Dangerous Affair later, I have lovely warm red nails. As the photo suggests I was in a bit of a rush but overall I'm really impressed. The colour is warm and it went on easily. A third coat might have helped but I think you could get away with two. The colour is a warm winter berry sort of offering and I really like it. The only down side is it seems to be wearing down a little at the tips already. I don't think I'd pay £9 for it if I'm honest though the shade is a welcome addition to my collection and for £3.50 I can't complain.

Have you got either of the freebie colours? Is it worth buying a second Marie Claire for the other one?
LoubouLush x

Sunday, 10 October 2010

MAC Pressed Blot Powder

Hi lovelies, today I bring to you the wonder of blot powder. I love blotting paper but wanted a nice pressed powder I could use to blot as well as set my make up. I tried the Sleek Luminous Powder for setting my make up which I'll do a post about and found it uber shimmery so wanted something nice and matte that I could use for setting and blotting if possible.

I headed to the MAC counter and ended up with MAC Pressed Blot Powder. It costs £17 so isn't particularly cheap. The packaging is simple and the powder itself is very fine. The girl at the counter explained that the colour choice isn't too important and as it's so light and see through. I'm pale and was recommended the medium which I was a little dubious about but it turns out I have no problems with it. Also available is light, medium/dark, dark and deep dark.

According to the MAC website this powder is A unique pressed powder designed primarily to provide shine control without adding any noticeable colour or texture. Sets foundation, finishes faces. For use in professional situations and for frequent touch-ups. Blot Powder contains Mica and Silica to adsorb excess oils and reduce shine on the skin's surface. Can be applied with the puff that comes in the compact or with a powder brush like #129 Powder/Blush Brush. Perfect for touching up Studio Fix Powder Plus Foundation throughout the day.

So far I have used with a large brush to set my make up and bring the compact with powder puff to blot with.
All in all I love it!
My one little gripe is I'm not sure how long it will last so I'm trying to restrict myself to only using it to blot on nights out.
Have you tried it or do you have any recommendations for something else cheaper? I don't think I'll ditch my cheapie blotting paper for it but I'm always on the look out for a cheaper matte setting powder alternative...

LoubouLush xx

Some Budget Brushes

I have a slowly increasing collection of make up brushes. I don't discriminate. I have some fab fairly cheap brushes (mainly GOSH ones) and some fab more expensive ones (mainly MAC and Illamasqua). An Avon foundation brush I had fell apart recently and I have a new found curiosity for loose powder so thought it was time to make a couple of brush purchases.

Budgetary and time constraints meant Superdrug was my only real hope and there I picked up a QVS Compact Powder Brush for £3.99 and a random (think it was a Superdrug own brand?) unmarked foundation brush for a similar price.

So first of all, the powder brush. It's ok. The size makes it handy but to be honest the hairs are... a bit rough. There has been some fall out but the hairs' scratchiness is the most noticeable issue which is a common problem with "cheap" brushes. Now for the slightly weirder bit. The.Smell. There is a really odd and off putting smell from this brush. It is horrible and pretty strong and I don't know what it is. Possibly glue or the hair? Anyway I have washed it and it's still there. Ultimately I would like to try buy something of better quality but it'll do in the meantime.

Verdict - hold your breath when using it (not too long without medical advice ha) and be prepared for it to feel a little bit harsh.

I was wary of the foundation brush after smellybrushgate but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The hairs are soft although there was a little stray glue matting some of them together, but it came away easily. Foundation brushes seem to be really dear so I wasn't convinced this would be up to much but after dampening it a little it seemed to work well.

Verdict - it isn't the best foundation brush out there of course but for something to practice with or something relatively cheap I think it's pretty impressive.

So what are your make up brush best buys? Is budget as good as high end or is it the other way about?

LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 28 September 2010

NOTD - Models Own "Green Flash"

Just a quickie post on this - I actually painted my nails with this on Friday and have only taken the photo this morning (Tuesday). It's been through a pretty full on weekend and is still there to tell the tale with only minor chippage.

It's a lovely metallic/glitter shade of green which I had teamed with green touches on my eyes on Saturday. Like the rest of the range it dried well, gave a good coverage, lovely colour and has worn super well.

Excuse the squinty eyes!
LoubouLush x

Sunday, 19 September 2010

Beyond Excited - Design Your Own Shoes

I am BEYOND excited. I love shoes. Beautiful, beautiful shoes. I could have them as ornaments or pieces of art on my walls. I'd have shoes everywhere if husband didn't reign me in where possible. I have a shoe keyring, a shoe fund money tin, display cabinets, shoe shaped bracelet charms... OK you get the picture!

I'm also a collector of all manner of shoes - from Barratt's to Blahnik and everything in between, I don't discriminate! If I like a shoe, I like a shoe. I can't even describe what it is about a shoe that I know will make me fall for it. I AM a sucker for a peeptoe and a smooth silhouette but other than that I can't say for sure if I'll like a shoe by a description I need to see the full thing to see if I like it - the heel shape, the toe, the fabric, the cut... I just can't put it into words but thankfully Mr Louboulush has picked up a knack for knowing what sort of shoe I'd go for and bless his cottons, he can spot a fake designer shoe at 20 paces (he's a keeper ;) )

For the last few months, my passion has admittedly waned slightly. Maybe I've been a bit overkill in my collection. Maybe I've been a bit put out at how expensive some of my favourites are getting and how so many fake designer shoes have flooded into the market. So what could get me more excited about shoes after all these years of shoe lusting? An uber bargainous pair of designer shoes in my size going for a song on eBay? Another pair of beautiful Valetino's in my size at my local TK Maxx? Well yes, I can't deny I'd be pleased with that...

But no, this time it's something a little bit different. It's something I've always dreamed of - being able to purchase a pair of shoes I have designed/customised myself (not just adding the odd rhinestone or bit of glitter myself)! I remember the days of design your own Timberland boots years ago (does anyone else??) and the excitement of finding http://www.styleshake.com/ where you can design your own clothes and get them made. None of these were as exciting as finding http://www.upperstreet.com/ though.

Here shoes start at £180 (plus delivery) and you have lots of options in terms of style, colour, material and embellishments. Some of the fabrics look stunning and satin swatches can be purchased for £1 each plus delivery. As the shoes are custom made - taking about 6 weeks - they cannot be returned but will be altered for free if they do not fit. There is quite a comprehensive list of information on the website (can't see anything about whether the more exotic materials are imitation or not though, presumably not as it doesn't say otherwise...)

So they aren't particularly cheap but I cannot tell you how many times I have had an outfit to wear and find it impossible to find matching shoes for it. Typically I could end up with 3 or 4 pairs of "maybe shoes" for it and end up with none of them matching perfectly and pulling on a pair of other faithful classics instead. The idea that I could get my perfect style of shoe - Ms Platform Peeptoe, I'm looking at you! - in a comfortable fabric with the perfect colour combo has very nearly blown my mind.

The shoes are quite expensive don't get me wrong, but no more so than I'd say some of the higher end high street stores - Kurt Geiger, LK Bennett etc. If the quality is as good as the theory, I think this could be a real winner... I just need to save up some spendy beans and order something fabulous and report back.

All in the name of research of course :D

What do you think? Have any of you used it or are you as intrigued as I am??

LoubouLush x

Friday, 17 September 2010

NOTD - Models Own "Sterling Silver"

I know, I know. I don't have shares in Models Own. I don't work for Models Own. There are other nail polishes available blah blah ;)

But here is another NOTD of MO, this time another metallic in "Sterling Silver". This is Champagne's cooler toned sister! It really is the silver alternative for me which, given my love for Champagne (in all its forms, hic) is a good thing - it gives a very similar finish to Champagne but obviously in a bright poppy silver manner.

In my opinion it is very similar to Illamasqua's "Glory". It seems to have a bit more shimmer close up but it isn't too "in your face". If I'm honest I think I prefer the finish of Sterling Silver and it seems to be lasting longer. Oh, an it's less than half the price!
Without Flash
With Flash

I love the fine glittery shimmer it gives - I think it's a nice subtle touch of glamour and between Champagne and Sterling Silver I think you would be hard pushed to find an outfit that neither would work well with.
Another keeper :)

LoubouLush x

Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Quick NOTD - Models Own "Champagne"

I can't believe I've never properly posted about this (was searching for one and don't see it) so here's a quicky on Models Own "Champagne"...

It's not my current nail polish but before I post about it I wanted to post a quick old photo of this one. This is a beautiful shimmery gold. I love the shade, I love how one coat is enough but two or three are fab too. It dries quickly. The finish is pretty. The colour is versatile. It's well priced (RRP £5). It's even quite sturdy without a clear topcoat!


LoubouLush x

Tuesday, 14 September 2010

A Product Round Up

Hi everyone! I've noticed I have some new followers so hello to you all [waves]

I have been super busy with work lately but due to some pretty big changes, from this Monday I will hopefully be a whole lot less so! This should leave me much more free time which we will hopefully mean more posts so if any of you have any suggestions of the type of posts you would like me to do, don't be scared to ask :)

For now I thought I'd do a post on some of the products I'm using at the minute. I seem to be revisiting a lot of things I've had knocking about for a while. Maybe because I'm cutting back on my spends and trying to use up things I already have? In general though these things are old favourites of mine which I never truly tire of so I thought it might be worth a share.
Concealer by Barbara Daly at Tesco
I love this little concealer. I only really conceal the odd spot and love this stuff. I use it either with just my finger or a little brush. I think it costs about £3-£4 but usually BD stuff seems to be on a 3 for 2 style offer. I bought this ages ago so hope they still stock it but my local Tesco don't stock BD at all anymore [shakes fist] so I can't be sure.

Virgin Vie One Step Face Base
At £15.50 for the whole thing or £12 for the refill this isn't cheap. It was my first real foray into more expensive foundation though and I love it. It gives good coverage, finish and lasts really well on my oily patches. A refill lasts for for months as well before needing replaced. I've used Ivory in the past and it gives a good colour for me when I have some tan. At the minute I use Alabaster which is great for my pale skin and bronzes up nicely with a matte bronzer for extra colour. I use the sponge that comes with it for application but a foundation brush gives a good but lighter coverage. The compact comes with a mirror so if fab for a night out or for dropping into your all day handbag, a definite keeper!!

Avon Eyeliners
I go between a couple of these eyeliners. They are cheap but give a great payoff and last well. Black eyeliners is my one essential cosmetic. I love these lots and wear them one my waterline and this stuff lasts brilliantly for the price. The colourtrend one is under £3 and quite often there will be similar ones of offer. I'm very scatty with my make up so have lots of these kicking about my house/car/office so I'm never lost for one!

No 7 Lift & Luminate Foundation
I've always been wary of liquid foundations. Why? Well I'm pale, it's difficult to get something pale enough for me and not too orange. I'm terrified of having a horrible line of where orange foundation stops and pale skin starts that I see on so many others. I have oily and dry patches so it's difficult to get something to work for me. I have this in Alabaster and apply it either with a sponge or a brush and the colour is a great match for me and lasts well. To stop it sticking to any dry bits I tend to apply a little moisturiser with it and it works a treat. It also comes with SPF 15 which is never a bad thing. It costs about £15 (boots.com seems to be down at the minute so I can't check!) This is often on a 3 for 2 offer or No 7 vouchers are quite often so a bargain can be had.

GOSH Quattro Eyeshadow in Q24 Platinum
Again something I've had for ages and just rediscovered. I love GOSH products (especially their brushes) but this quad is fab too. It costs £8.50 in Superdrug (also often available in offers). The shadow lasts well and applies smoothly. There is a nice selection of colours which are good for a soft smoky look. I'd prefer to have a darker grey or black in there too but it's very handy for a quick light smokey effect for every day or to throw in a clutch bag for night out touch ups.

Superdrug Essential Eye Make Up Remover
I bought this recently for about £2 as I'd got fed up of using wipes which were making my eyes a bit stingy. This looks very much like a toner and according to the print, contains camomille and is suitable for all skin types. for a budget product I find it works really well on cotton pads to remove any eye make up I have and the watery toner type appearance leaves my eyes feeling pleasantly fresh and clean. A handy addition to my toiletries bag!

Benefit Hoola Bronzer
I love this bronzer. I use it for contouring and general bronzing. As you can tell by the battered packaging I've had it for a while!! I find it really hard to find a nice matte bronzer and this is the best I've found. It isn't cheap but as the war wounds on mine suggests I've been using this one for a while so it lasts well.

So there you have it. Some of my "must haves". Have you tried any of them and loved/hated them?

'Til next time :D

LoubouLush x