Monday, 2 May 2011

Afternoon Tea Party

Hi guys, sorry I've been a bit otherwise engaged this week. I'm off work and have been all over the place so normal blogging will resume later in the week including a BLOG GIVEAWAY to celebrate the blog's 1st Birthday which just passed a few days ago. In the meantime I thought I'd do a little post on something I'd been up to...

I love "afternoon tea" (but hate the tea part). Mr Louboulush isn't a fan of the whole "afternoon tea" thing so after years of wanting to host my own, I eventually roped some friends into coming to visit so I could do it! It also just happened to be on the day of the big Royal Wedding...

I must admit I'm very much a baker/maker of sweet things (I don't see to have the patience for more savoury things it seems) so the pavlovas, madeira cake, lemon posset, chocolate ganache, butter shortbread, chocolate chip shortbread, coffee cupcakes and strawberry cupcakes were all homemade. Everything else was bought in!

I hope you've all had a lovely break and celebrated in style :)

LoubouLush x