Friday, 31 August 2012

DGJ Organics - Glossy Brunettes

Hello lovely readers.  I hope you’re all well and don’t letting the miserable weather drag you down – or is it just NI which feels like it’s been steeped in rain for the past few months?

Thankfully I am here to bring good news.  Well a good review at least.  I have for about a month now been using the DGJ (Daniel Galvin Junior) Organics Glossy Brunettes Range of shampoo and conditioner. As you might have read in previous posts I wash my hair every day so was excited to try a new hair care range but more importantly one which was organic and hopefully kinder to my hair.

First off I’ll give you some information on the brand itself:

Daniel Galvin Jr is an established hairdresser with a passion for organic and a star studded client book.  He is also the son of Daniel Galvin Sr, also a hairdresser with over 50 years experience in the industry.  Daniel Galvin Jr has combined his passions by entering the designer hair care market and put his own organic twist on it. The idea behind the brand is to have the designer salon professional range through an organic product.  The products themselves are brought to the shelves by British manufacturer NPD Medichem.  So what does all this mean for the consumer?  Hopefully a good quality product which has been created, used and approved by people who know what they are talking about and wouldn’t risk associating themselves with something low par...

Initial thoughts
I like the idea of organic things.  Who doesn’t?  However I was a bit dubious too.  Organic often seems to equal expensive.  Maybe when it comes to organic food it equals better taste.  When it comes to organic products which are normally heavily reliant on chemicals, I must admit I wasn’t sure it would do what it said on the tin (or bottle).  

The packaging is nice and simple - not too in your face.  They purport to contain “cocoa bean and walnut” and “develop and enhance depth of colour and shine in dark and auburn tone”.  The shampoo aims to protect and encourage longevity of colour for brunette hair. I was hopeful but as I say I felt this was quite ambitious for an organic range.

Shampoo - brown, Conditioner - white 

What it’s like to use
I’ve used hair products before that do not contain SLS (Sodium Laureth/Lauryl Sulphates) or parabens and being honest I found them hard work.  I found getting a lather so difficult and maybe it’s entirely psychological but I don’t really feel like my hair is clean unless I’ve felt that lather.  I was surprised to find this shampoo lathered really well.  Not just well for an organic one but just generally... really well.  For a good lather I tend to wash and rinse twice which may or not be a bit harsh on my hair but with this I didn’t feel a bit worried about it.  The conditioner worked well too and wasn’t at all heavy on my hair after I’d used it - sometimes I find this can be an issue for my greasy hair .  Both have a nice but not overpowering smell.    

My hair has felt very soft since starting using these.  I cannot claim that my hair is noticeably shinier but I do feel like it is more healthy and has a bit more bounce.  I have used the conditioner almost every wash as it is so light and I feel it really compliments the shampoo.  Overall I am very impressed with both.  

There are few if any downsides. The cost is something else I have been pleasantly surprised by.  Given it is an organic salon brand I would not have been shocked if it came with a bigger price tag.  As it stands both the shampoo and conditioner are £5.99 each which I feel makes them a real contender for a part in an everyday hair routine.  Would I buy these?  Yes I would and am keen to try other variations from the brand - Hangover Hair is next of my wishlist.  Would I recommend them? Yep and I have already to a couple of friends. Downsides? Locally they don’t seem to be widely available but they are available online but delivery charges make it less ffordable. You can buy directly from but with a £7.99 shipping charge I think I’ll keep looking around!

Have you tried any of this range?  What did you think?

LoubouLush x

These products were sent to me for my consideration for review.  As with all my reviews this is completely my own honest opinion.