Monday, 24 May 2010

Jewellery Haul!

My tastes in jewellery have changed quite a lot lately. I wear jewellery much more often than I used to (well I wear my wedding/engagement ring a lot!) and I am much more open to jewellery that isn't silver or white gold.

I like quirky jewellery and stuff that is quite cute as well as some vintage pieces.

Over the weekend I got some new goodies and I love every single one of them!!

Green Enamel Apple Ring £18 -

Green Miniature Apple Necklace £12 -
Cupcake necklace £6 - Accessorize

Crystal Feather Earrings £10 -

I also got a gorgeous art deco style hair comb which just arrived today so I will try to get some photos up of it!

What styles of jewellery will you be wearing this summer? Where are the best places to find cute and quirky pieces??

LoubouLush x