Friday, 11 June 2010

NOTD - Illamasqua "Obtuse"

OK I've maybe gone a bit OTT with photos here but I love this colour so much I wanted to try and capture it properly. I think I've probably mentioned it before. I bought this back in July 2009 so really must buy a new one as at the minute it only gets used for special occasions!

In all honesty I didn't get on well with it as the start, it peeled badly almost like foil but I've found with a good solid base coat and top coat it works a treat. The polish itself is very runny. It goes on easily but due to the consistency and colour I guess, the lines of the brush can show as it sets so a steady hand is good to help give it a nice straight finish.

It gives a lovely light metallic bronze colour with a subtle shimmer. It goes well with my skin tone and works for me like a nude with a nice kick. I think that when applied, it looks expensive and lasts well. These photos were taken this morning and I applied the polish on Saturday morning so it's been on for almost 7 days! I used a clear base, 2 obtuse coats and a clear top coat. The only signs of wear it has is from nail growth and slight fading on the tips so I'm very pleased overall.

For £13 it isn't something I would wear every day but it is a very versatile colour and very possibly my favourite nail polish. It adds interest to a nude look or as a great fall back when I can't pick another colour to wear.

What nail polish is a staple of your collection?

LoubouLush x