Thursday, 24 February 2011

NOTD Avon Romance

Hi everyone, I had hoped to do this earlier in the week but as you might have seen from Twitter I'm suffering with the cold (woe is definitely me).

Generally I'm quite a fan of Avon products but I admit to finding some of them love/hate. I got this polish as part of some Christmas promo or another I think - its usual price is £6 and is currently priced at £5 on the website (might be different through a rep).

According to the website these Nailwear Pro Nail Polish:

Gives you the look of a professional manicure. Shine lasts up to 10 days* The advanced formula contains diamond dust and acrylic known for its strengthening, and protection properties giving your nails a high-gloss finish.

*10 day Consumer Study #08-381 with 55 people

Not entirely sure what the * part means exactly but anyhow, onto this particular polish in "Romance". The colour in the bottle looked pretty - a metallic, almost lilac soft pink. The brush was easy to use when I got used to it (slightly thicker one, well two sides) and the formula seemed a little runny but ok. I had hoped the runny formula would mean it was quick drying as from the first coat I could tell that at least one more was needed. Also the visible brush strokes meant I'd need to be a bit neater with my final coat. So I waited. And waited and then I applied a second coat. The second coat is what is pictured and while I felt another coat or two would help build a stronger finish I didn't really have time. I wanted to put on a clear top coat so again I waited for this to dry. I waited a bit more. Kept waiting. Eventually I was getting a bit fed up and resigned to the fact I wouldn't have time for a clear top coat. When my nails felt dry I had to move on. About 2 hours later my nails were already noticeably chipped and peeling from the tips.

All in all, although the colour is nice enough for me it isn't worth the time or effort and to be honest I'm not sure a clear topcoat would have helped that much anyway. Disappointing.

Anyone else tried any of the range? Or this particular colour? I'm not sure whether to let it put me off Avon Nail Polishes...

LoubouLush x