Thursday, 6 January 2011

Some Barry M Nail Paint...

This is a very quick post just to show a few nail polishes I had on over the festive period.

Barry M Bright Red 262 and Barry M Matt White 66 with a festive/snowy twist
As per a previous NOTD I love the red and I had intended doing straight white tips here but the left hand doing the right proved too tricky. So my Christmas/Santa themed nails turned out like the above

Barry M Cobalt Blue 291 and Barry M Blue Glitter 297 on top of one nail...

Mr L kindly bought me a whole selection of Barry M paints for Christmas and I gave these two a go first. The 291 is a very solid blue as per the photo and is nice for what it is but not sure how much wear I'll get out of it. I love the glitter and the 291 works well below the 297 I feel so it gives a solid glitter without having to use too much of the glitter which is always handy for removal purposes!

LoubouLush x