Tuesday, 7 June 2011

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Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover

I had searched high and low in Superdrug, Boots and supermarkets for the Sally Hansen Kwik Off Nail Polish Remover after hearing about how great it is for glitter polish removal without any luck and then noticed this Nailene Artificial Nail & Polish Remover on the shelf of a local supermarket. To me it looked like a similar concept and I decided at the price of roughly £6 it was worth a shot.

Now I can't compare the two products as the Kwik Off still eludes me but as far as I know the are the same size at 118ml and while the Kwik Off contains a sponge to aid removal, the Nailene Product has plastic bristles. Now enough of my very basic comparisons and onto this product itself.

First Impressions
The plastic outer packaging seems more than a little unnecessary and wasteful to me but then I guess that's not unusual with these kinds of products. I noticed the use of "professional strength" on the front label and while this can be seen as a good thing perhaps it tends to mean to me - be careful!! On the back it gives some more information including telling us it "removes acrylic nails, gels, wraps, tips, glue and polish". So by now I'm clear on the fact that this product is going to be strong and I don't really want my nails to be exposed to it for any longer than necessary. Did I learn anything else from the packaging? Yes - satisfaction is guaranteed and if I'm not completely satisfied with the product I can send the unused part of the product along with the sales receipt to an address IN MEXICO. Uh no I don't think I'd bother to be honest - especially as it's not clear if I'd even get the postage cost refunded...

Using the Product
My first go with this was always going to be trial and error. I won't bore you with all my findings but for me I found soaking the nail for approximately 20 seconds and then moving through the bristles for 20 seconds got me a clear nail. I drained each finger for a few seconds on the plastic outer rim of the tub before dipping the next nail. I washed my hands thoroughly after use and moisturised. Although my nails looked a little white in places this passed within about 5-10 minutes and my nails seem absolutely fine.

The Good
I can't speak for this in terms of any of the other things it claims to be able to remove other than polish and for removing the glitter polish it really was excellent and nowhere as time consuming or messy as I'd normally find it. The product was easy to use and reasonably priced. Presumably depending on the condition of the bristle s when the remover itself has ran out it can be topped up with a regular nail polish remover. Although it is "professional strength" my nails don't seem to have suffered. It isn't a product I intend to use other than for glitter polish removal and possibly for the odd dark colour so I am really pleased with this.

The Bad
The only downsides were the excessive packaging and fact that if I hadn't have been happy I'd have had to have forked out to post this from the UK to Mexico along with the sales receipt (which frankly could be anywhere right now) which is pretty pointless in my opinion.

I'm really pleased with it. It is simple to use, well priced and effective. I won't be using it for all my nail polish removal needs but for glitter (and I am prone to a bit of glitter) removal it's a winner and I'll definitely repurchase when I need to.

Have you tried this? Did you find it worked for you or do you have any secrets to glitter removing?

LoubouLush x