Tuesday, 28 February 2012

NOTD GOSH Metallic Green 567

As you might have read here I got me some GOSH bargains last week. I decided to try the Metallic Green first (excuse the slightly messy and rushy application!)

I used a Seche Vite topcoat and while I like the colour and the applicaiton I have to say it has peeled quite a bit over the last few days. I think I'm comparing it too much to the longevity of the Barry M pink from last week and I've always had peeling issues with metallics over solids so I might be being a little harsh. The colour itself is beautiful. It reminds me a little of Models Own "Green Flash" from here (how long were my nails?!) but it slightly darker and less shimmery.

Overall I can't knock it too much at the £2 I paid for it. I wouldn't have fancied paying full price and probably wouldn't purchase again at full price unless I needed the colour for something in particular.

[joey essex stylie] What are you saying?


LoubouLush x