Thursday, 7 July 2011

Holiday Packing

I think I've nearly finished the packing now though no doubt will unpack and repack again just once more to make sure. I had intended photographing everything but I over pack to the point of it being shameful so could bring myself to show you all the random stuff I'll be bringing.

I did think some of you might find one of my purchases in particular interesting though so thought I'd give it a mention.

I will be bringing an array of toiletries with me (quite what I'll need them all for when I'm lying sweating by a pool I'm not sure) so liked the idea of putting some things into smaller containers to reduce the bulk. This caught my eye the other day in Paperchase and I thought it looked like a great buy. However on noticing the £7.50 price tag I just couldn't bring myself to buy it. Don't get me wrong I love Paperchase for its gorgeous bits and pieces and am known for a splurge or two there but to me it just seemed a bit steep.

Then a couple of days later I was queued up in Primark and saw this:

Now I was a bit dubious about the quality but for £1, yes 100 pennies I thought I don't have much to lose!

The set has a see through bag, a small funnel, some labels, 3 bottles and 3 small tubs.

Now it isn't perfect. So far I've discovered the bag doesn't stay closed very well (might just be a bit hit and miss with them I reckon). This hasn't been a big problem as I have a collection of make up bags which I can store the containers in. I was most worried about the bottles/tubs staying sealed. Although I obviously haven't been away yet I have filled two bottles and two tubs with stuff (bottles - conditioner and shampoo, tubs - foundation and hair serum) and left them on their side/upside down and so far, so good. If I have nay issues I'm sure you'll hear me moaning when I come home again!

All in all I think it's a fab little find for £1. I've already bought loads of toiletries in miniature or I'd have bought more of the Primark packs and sorted my own.

What do you think? Would you use something similar for travelling with or have you given these a try too? I'd love to hear your thoughts :)

LoubouLush x