Monday, 23 August 2010

Ladybird Ladybug

I've attempted the full nail ladybird before. The results weren't pretty. I think it's possibly my nails but something about them looked off - like maybe they were too big and would look better on smaller nails?

Anyway my Barry M "Spring Green" is on its last legs and I thought I'd have a little fun with it this morning. What could I use a green as a base for? Ladybirds on grass of course!!

This was a totally flung together little experiment but I've listed below some of the basics and of course you can tweak it to your own preferences. Also apologies about the weird flash effect...

So what you'll need
1. Clear base coat/top coat
2. Green polish
3. Red polish (the bolder the better I think !)
4. Black polish
5. Toothpick

Apply the base coat to your filed and prepped nails, allowing to dry fully before apply a coat or two of green polish (here Barry M Spring Green which I think work perfectly), allowing each coat to dry fully! When dry using a red nail polish and brush apply rounded blobs of polish on top of the green trying to keep the edges as neat as possible. Again allow to dry fully. The next part is pretty tricky and i find using a toothpick works best for me but you can use a fine nail art brush, kirby hair grip or something small which you find easiest to work with. Apply small dots of black for the lady bird spots. You can also add a line of black at the front of the lady bird which I did on the thumbnails. Allow these to dry fully before applying a clear top coat to seal your design.

My top tip would be to make sure the red is a nice solid primary coloured vibrant red and to make sure the red and black polishes are nice and fluid. M black was a little gloopy which made things more difficult than they should have been...

And there you have it! A fun summery take on the nail art ladybird/ladybug :) You can alter this by using a glitter polishes, adding some white to the ladybirds for eyes or have a go with bees or something on the grass.

What do you think? Any other ideas for summer nail art?

LoubouLush x