Tuesday, 18 May 2010

NOTD - Barry M + OPI

I've had these nails since the end of last week. I've had quite a lot of comments on them and have enjoyed them bringing a bit of a smile to people's faces. The pale pink is the Barry M "pale pink" reviewed previously and OPI La Paz-itively Hot which is which a rich bright pink and veteran of my nail polish collection. Both polishes apply and last really well -what's not to love?! I love both colours and think they make quite a cute combo :)

So... am I the only madwomen rocking multi coloured nails?

LoubouLush x

Beauty on a Budget

I am a real bargain lover. I'm a sucker for anything with a "reduced" price tag, well within reason. I don't discriminate in my tastes for anything. From Prada to Primark - it's all good to me. So I thought I'd give a quick list of some of my favourite budget products at the moment.

1. Aqueous Cream

I picked up this huge (500ml/g) tub of aqueous cream in B&M Bargains for about 99p. I have been reliably informed this sort of stuff is widely available in other budget shops and pharmacies and the likes of Semi-Chem. this stuff can be used as both a moisturiser and cleanser and can be used on adults and children.

Ingredients: Aqua, Cetostearyl Alcohol, Petrolatum, Paraffinum Liquidum, Phenoxyethanol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate.

I use it as a moisturiser to help prevent moisture escaping and it soaks in well and without odour. It can also be used for cleaning and I believe it is a good alternative for soap in the more delicate areas of the body (externally only). It lasts for ages as well and is a great multi purpose must have. Although the tub is a bit clumsy, it can easily be transferred into smaller containers for ease of use.

2. Vaseline

A bit like the above this is a multi purpose product. It can be used for all sorts of things. Personally I use it:

on my lips like a balm
on dry skin patches like elbows/feet especially for use overnight
in my hair sometimes as a smoothing balm (being careful to use sparingly)
on the corners of eyes to stop them watering especially in winter
on my hairline when dying my hair to prevent staining

It's widely available and no doubt Google or Bing will provide you with 1,000,001 other uses but again it is a bargainous pot of wonder.

3. Old Mascara Wands

They come on all shapes and sizes but I have found that washing and keeping the ones I like most is great for use not only with other mascaras but as brushes for tidying my eyebrows. They tend to have a great texture and shape for it. And best of all they are practically FREE!

4. Tesco Value Face Wipes

These bad boys are an unbelievable 27p for a packet of 25. They are mildly perfumed and nicely sized. I often find face wipes leave my skin with an annoying residue but find these leave my skin feeling much fresher. sometimes I will use two to clean a full face of make up but on the upside, they are so cheap it's no big deal. The resealable flap works well and the no frills packaging doesn't bother me at all. They are simple - cheap and cheerful. A must for my handbag, make up bag, car... for 27p I can have a packet in every room!

5. Savlon

I always have a tube of Savlon knocking around my house. It used to be there solely for use in the event of a scratch or cut. Recently after a particularly nasty spot outbreak I used it with cotton wool as a cleanser and as a topical cream on the spots and I found it really good. Gentle but effective. It has a bit of a clinical smell but it is something I would only use before going to bed so that doesn't bother me. Another useful multi purpose product for the skin!

As with any product please research it and be careful of allergies etc before buying/applying.

So what are your favourite bargains at the minute? Do you use other random household products to keep yourself beautiful??

LoubouLush x