Thursday, 26 January 2012

Pay Day Purchase!

Well nearly pay day purchase! I bought it yesterday and today is actually pay day - though it's all being sucked up on bills anyway.

I saw this ages ago for full price and quite fancied it but didn't fancy splurging £75 on it. It caught my eye the other day while I was having a sneaky browse between seeing clients and it was £30 in the sale! I brought my lovely sister along with me today and thanks to her student discount we snapped it up for £27. It's no longer available online but there were a couple left in my local store.

It is a lovely comfortable fit and will be handy for work as I'm often out and about freezing my bits off. While it maybe isn't the most flattering of shapes, I love a nice coat that I can hide under. My only gripe so far is the LOOSE BUTTONS. Why do so many jackets and coats and clothes with buttons not have them sewn on properly?! If I'd have paid £75 for this I'd be mightily pissed off.


Anyway have a fantastic weekend lovelies and I hope payday has been good to you if you've had one :)

Louboulush xx

NOTD Nails Inc. Victoria

Just a quickie from me today but this week I'm wearing Nail Inc.'s "Victoria". I've had it for ages but rarely wear it as I'm not a massive fan of the brand and it looks so dark in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised with it when it's dried though. It is wearing a little from the tips already though but it is in its third day of wear...

Louboulush x