Monday, 30 July 2012

Sheeny Shiny Hair

Wow I found this half finished post in my drafts from about a year ago and thought it might be worth a proper edited post. I don't profess to be some sort of hair care whizz but I thought some of the little things I try to do in my haircare routine might be of interest to some of you.

Since removing dye from my with the Scott Cornwall Colour B4 some time ago I have cut away back on how regularly I dye my hair (I still use Casting dye - semi perm). I have been conscious of losing the shine that I found a semi permenant dye gave me so I think I'd share some products and tips that I've found good.

1. Use a good shampoo if possible - I wash my hair every day as it gets greasy quickly and being honest I don't always use high end shampoos as I try to use up whatever we have in the house at the time. I'm a big fan of L'Oreal Elvive Shampoo for every day use and for nights out I try to use a colour boosting shampoo.  I also have a Frederic Fekkai and Bumble and Bumble shampoo I use the odd time for a treat but they are pretty expensive so not an every day user of them.  I have used everything from baby shampoo too for something gentle to Fairy Liquid and anti dandruff shampoos to help strip out dyes and redness too in my time.  Where possible though a mid range shampoo seems to work best for my hair and my budget.

2. Wash twice - I was once told that the first wash of your hair starts to break down any dirt and grime on it so you should wash and rinse then wash and rinse again to get super shiny hair.  This probably isn't great for the overall condition of your hair though as I would imagine it can strip out the natural oils so as I wash it every day I try to do this only a couple of times a week or when I want very clean hair.

3. Condition regularly - I try to condition my hair every other wash but at least twice a week. Again I'm not massively into super expensive conditioners.  Sometimes budget is very restrictive and I use what I can afford.  

4. Rinse with cold water - the colder the better in my experience.  Again maybe rubbish but I think it's similar to cold water on the skin closing pores and this helps smooth the hair cuticle.

5. Use a treatment - I've tried a few different treatments and at the minute I'm still using Argan oil (yep that bottle is still on the go almost two years later and I still have loads left!). I use this as a treatment for my hair over night by applying some to the ends and tying my hair lightly in a band while I sleep. I also sometimes use a little bit of newly straightened hair to keep the ends smooth.  

6. Protect - I don't know how well they work to be honest but I feel better knowing I've used a heat protecter spray on my hair before blowdrying or using straighteners on it.  I currently use a Tresemme spray which I've had for ages.  It's like bottomless pit of protector shizz in there as it still feels half full!

7.  Don't use heat products all the time - as tempting as it can be I have tried to cut down on using my straighteners and hairdryer every day.  If I want my hair straightened I try to let it dry naturally at least and vice versa.

8. Go for regular trims - even if you're trying to grow your hair longer regular trims will help keep the ends looking fresher and help banish split and fine ends. It might take you a bit longer getting to the length you want but your hair will look better for it.

9. Drink water - again I'm no nutritional expert or anything but again I find when I'm feeling hydrated.

I think that's about all the things I try to keep up with in my hair care routine.  It's not rocket science and it's probably not for everyone and I'm always open to new hints and tricks to try so feel free to add yours below.

LoubouLush x