Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Barry M lipgloss - tasty?

I know, I know, the taste of lip things normally makes me queasy. BUT, but, but I fell for the brightly coloured Barry M lipglosses and bought a few to try out and I didn't realise they were flavoured.

I got "Strawberries and Cream", "Bubblegum Pink" and "Tropical Tango". I have tried them all but the bright orangeness of Tropical Tango is going to take a bit longer for me to reach a verdict on so watch this space...

Strawberries and Cream (lgw3) is a pale pink gloss with quite fine glitter throughout. It goes on almost like a clear gloss - the pinkness is very light. The silvery glitter is cute on and I really like it. It has the subtlety of a pale gloss with a bit of fun in the glitter. It would look fab with a tan and I will definitely wear it day or night. The flavour is nice and from someone who generally doesn't like flavoured lipanything this is quite a compliment! It reminds me a bit of pink marshmallow/flumps. Not too overpowering at all. Very good for a budget gloss!

Bubblegum Pink (lgw5) is a much more vibrant pink. The colour is pretty good for a gloss and I am sure it would great great over pink lipstick (maybe the Sleek one from a few posts back?) but so far I've just worn it on my bare lips. I think I'd save this one for more a night out look to be honest as my day make up tends to be more subtle than this (especially on the lips). The flavour of this one also gets a thumbs up. It reminds me of that pink bubblegum you used to get years ago - individually wrapped in blue and yellow paper I think. I think I saw them not long ago but can't remember their name!

These lipglosses are priced at £4.25 each. Have you tried any of them?

LoubouLush x


  1. Hey Doll, I love these lipglosses they're SO tasty!! I have Toffee and Pastel Pink.

    I think I may need to go pick up Strawberries & cream and Pink Bubblegum now after seeing this post! Damn you!!!! :)

  2. I saw (and sniffed) the toffee one but couldn't justify buying another one as I had my hands full. I'll definitley be back to have another look though :D