Wednesday, 28 July 2010

An old NOTD - Models Own Lemon Meringue

I finally found my local Boots' stash of Models Own before I left for my holibobs. Their nail polish display really was a thing of beauty - simple but full of fun, fresh colours in their minimalist little bottles. What's not to like? Having bought MO polish before from ASOS and River Island I'm not particularly new to the brand but having such a selection of their colours right in front of me was a revelation.

Much deliberating later, I bought 2 polishes and with 2 free 6-way nail buffers and £10 poorer I went happily on my way!

I will no doubt do a NOTD on the first polish I applied when on I was holidays - I forgot to take photos and was going to make more reference to it here but it deserves it's own post.

For now - let's talk Lemon Meringue. In the bottle the polish looks like a lovely solid but soft milky lemon. I had high hopes! And I wasn't disappointed!
I painted my toenails in a couple of coats but used three on my fingernails - not unheard of for building up a shade like this in my experience. Overall my painted fingernails lasted for about a week - I'm still wearing it on my toes!) and were more or less chip/stain free which was quite a feat for such a solid, pale colour (my white Barry M that I sported at the start of my holiday proved much less forgiving). The shade itself is perfect for the summer! The only minor downside was consistency of the polish. Maybe it's just me but with pastel shades I find the polish tends to be quite streaky especially on the final coat - so I don't know if I can single this MO one out. A generous helping of polish and a clear to coat seems to help.

Overall, this is a great colour of summer. A lovely pastel which I think complimented my tan nicely (not sure my hand is quite as tanned as the photo suggests!). I think it will be equally as cute on my usually pale mitts too.

What do you think? Anyone else struggle to get the finish of pale pastels right? What's your favourite MO polish?

LoubouLush x

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  1. I think I'd need to do some serious tannage to sport this colour!!

    I think it looks gorgeous in the pic though, as you said perfect for hols!