Sunday, 10 October 2010

Some Budget Brushes

I have a slowly increasing collection of make up brushes. I don't discriminate. I have some fab fairly cheap brushes (mainly GOSH ones) and some fab more expensive ones (mainly MAC and Illamasqua). An Avon foundation brush I had fell apart recently and I have a new found curiosity for loose powder so thought it was time to make a couple of brush purchases.

Budgetary and time constraints meant Superdrug was my only real hope and there I picked up a QVS Compact Powder Brush for £3.99 and a random (think it was a Superdrug own brand?) unmarked foundation brush for a similar price.

So first of all, the powder brush. It's ok. The size makes it handy but to be honest the hairs are... a bit rough. There has been some fall out but the hairs' scratchiness is the most noticeable issue which is a common problem with "cheap" brushes. Now for the slightly weirder bit. The.Smell. There is a really odd and off putting smell from this brush. It is horrible and pretty strong and I don't know what it is. Possibly glue or the hair? Anyway I have washed it and it's still there. Ultimately I would like to try buy something of better quality but it'll do in the meantime.

Verdict - hold your breath when using it (not too long without medical advice ha) and be prepared for it to feel a little bit harsh.

I was wary of the foundation brush after smellybrushgate but I was pleasantly surprised by this one. The hairs are soft although there was a little stray glue matting some of them together, but it came away easily. Foundation brushes seem to be really dear so I wasn't convinced this would be up to much but after dampening it a little it seemed to work well.

Verdict - it isn't the best foundation brush out there of course but for something to practice with or something relatively cheap I think it's pretty impressive.

So what are your make up brush best buys? Is budget as good as high end or is it the other way about?

LoubouLush x

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