Thursday, 3 February 2011

Bargain Jewellery Haul

Just a quickie post on this as I grabbed some bits in the Miss Selfridge sale earlier and you might have to be quick to follow suit. I picked up all this for £10. Yes ten pounds. They have lots of jewellery reduced in the sale AND one buy one get one free - most of it looks very current and there was a good selection in store. Going by the prices on the back of all of these it should have cost me £53.50.

Bargainous or what?!

LoubouLush x


  1. WOW! the jewelry looks great :D

    I am a new follower and I have to say that you have a great blog :) Hope you visit mine too.

  2. Thanks for your comment Sara, I'm following your blog now too :D

  3. Sorry hun I might be missing it but what shop are these from? x

  4. Ooops, had put it in a label but not in the main text - amended now. It's Miss Selfridge x