Wednesday, 19 October 2011

Wonderful Web

I've been really busy over the last few weeks with work, I had a couple of functions to attend and in between it all me, my husband and Dad have been trying to whip my house into shape. I thought I'd do a little post to give a bit of a shout out to some great websites which seem to be taking up a lot of my time recently in my quest to redecorate and reorganise my house. So far we have completely redone our spare room and have a fantastic new Pax wardrobe system and Ratsy dressing table from Ikea. I love it more than words and will be doing a blog post on it very soon once I have tidied it up a bit and put some temporary bedclothes on the bed (I'm finding myself very indecisive on the colour scheme!)

For now here is a quick peek at one of the drawers in the dressing table *muffled squeeeeal*

So I can't go further without a linky to Ikea I know Ikea isn't for everyone but I find it great value and pretty easy to navigate the store, even if the website could be improved a little. They did discontinue some of the Komplement range before I had the chance to buy it but I won't hold it against them...

The second fab site which has helped me immensely is Pinterest It has a wealth of "pins" of inspirational photos which include everything from interior design to funny photos to quotes and I can easily spend hours flicking through them all. I am a member through my Twitter (@louboulush) so feel free Linkto follow me there :)

Thirdly Rockett St George is a site I found through Pinterest and it is fabulous! It has a wide selection of fun and funky home ware and gift ideas. I can't wait to actually buy something from it. Roll on payday!

So there's my whistle stop tour of some favourites. Can you recommend any more similar sites of joy for me to spend more time on?!

LoubouLush x

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