Thursday, 19 April 2012

Lilac Love Part #2

Following on from my last post I thought I'd share some of the lilac things currently on my ASOS wishlist.  It's been so long since I've placed an order with ASOS and I'm just itching to get some things ordered but I'm trying to save up some money first. Meh.

1. ASOS lilac ponti blazer £28
2. ASOS super skinny belt £6 
3. ASOS slipper vamp kitten heels £24
4. ASOS high waisted lilac jean £32
5. ASOS bodycon ruched dress £12.50

(all prices correct at time of posting but you know what ASOS is like with changing their prices!)

Any of you with a lilac bug?  Link me up with any other fab lilac finds!

LoubouLush x


  1. I love lilac, it's so so pretty! I have zero lilac in my wardrobe ATM, I'm def gonna have to remedy that! I love the lilac hair I've been seeing recently I'd adore it if i was blonde!


    1. I would love lilac hair! My clients might not be so sure though lol xx

  2. I love this color. Great post :) xx