Thursday, 26 January 2012

NOTD Nails Inc. Victoria

Just a quickie from me today but this week I'm wearing Nail Inc.'s "Victoria". I've had it for ages but rarely wear it as I'm not a massive fan of the brand and it looks so dark in the bottle. I was pleasantly surprised with it when it's dried though. It is wearing a little from the tips already though but it is in its third day of wear...

Louboulush x


  1. Oh... this is a very pretty shade!


  2. I have this one too, I really like it :)

  3. It's starting to chip quite badly now girls, still pretty while it lasted x

  4. Very pretty. I've always found Nails Inc have great colours but they just don't last. I think I've only bought one full price once, because I couldn't get the exact shade from any other make.