Monday, 2 April 2012

In my room...

Picture heavy.

This isn't my bedroom and it isn't my shoe room (well the room with the other wardrobe and cabinet with shoes) but it is our spare room. It still needs a LOT of work but recently we've waved an Ikea wand over it and have a Pax Lyngdal Wardrobe (200 x 236cm I believe) with various accessories, a Ransby dressing table in oak, and some bed covers too. I should point out only the left side of the wardrobe is mine. MrL insisted he be allowed wardrobe space so claimed the right. Meh.

Wardrobe (Pax with Oak). Excuse the boxes of wedding things beside it, we've only been married for almost 4.5 years, I haven't had time to clear all my wedding stuff away yet!

Ransby Oak Dressing Table & Stool (can't find it online and it wasn't online when we bought it at the end of last either so maybe it's in store). I built the stool, oh yes. Flat pack fiend.

So there. I know there's a lot more work to be done. I need to do some more serious decluttering and I want some nice navy cushions and pictures and a white light fitting. I also kind of need to win the lottery.

I hope you enjoyed having a nosey at one of my little rooms. Recognise any of my make up/toiletry bits as your faves?

LoubouLush x


  1. I loveee the wardrobe and dressing table. Omg hate the way men insist on having wardrobe space so selfish :P haha x x

  2. i think i may have to invest in a dressing table like that one!

    check out my blog if you have the time x

  3. Aren't they lalalucy!? Ha, plus he just leaves his clothes lying on the floor for me to pick up anyway ;)

    It has been a godsend Aimee and such a bargain!


  4. WOW! you're nail polish drawer is impressive! amazing!!

  5. You made your room so beautiful! You collected great stuff and the dressing table and the wardrobe make you more beautiful. I hope I can get your beautiful pictures as well.