Thursday, 22 April 2010

Hello and NOTD - Illamasqua "Glory"

Helloooo and welcome to my humble little blog. I hope to post new stuff as regularly as possible but to start with I might go a bit mad and post a bit of a backlog of things that have grabbed my interest in the last wee while so excuse the flooding of products old as well as more recent.

So to begin I thought I'd start with the nail polish I am wearing today.

Illamasqua - Glory

I have a bit of a love hate relationship with Illamasqua nail polish. I bought my first two last summer and although the colours were fantastic I struggled a little with the consistency and durability of them. With some perseverance and a top coat or two we reached something of a compromise which is just as well as I love Illamasqua's colour range!

For my latest purchase I went for "Snap" and "Glory". I wear a lot of greys/blacks so thought these would be good additions to my ever expanding nail polish collection. I haven't tried Snap yet but I have been wearing Glory for the past week and have been impressed! My main issue with "Obtuse" (my first ever purchase from Illamasqua) was that although the colour was AMAZING, the polish peeled like film without a top coat. And a high shine top coat took away from the muted sort of finish Obtuse gave. I was worried I would have a similar problem with Glory.

So Glory is described as "Molten silver, glossy finish" and I was pleasantly surprised! The polish is quite fluid and dried quickly. After a couple of coats I decided to leave my nails without adding a clear top coat and they have stood up well with only small signs of wear and tear (I added a quick top coat of Snap for the photo above to show the colour better). The colour is a nice metallic silver - quite like a matte finish/brushed stainless steel as opposed to a chrome if you know what I mean - have I been looking at kitchen accessories for too long?!. My faith has been restored quite a bit in the quality of Illamasqua polish with this which I am delighted about. The only thing that slightly annoys me (and this is a very small glitch) is that the lid comes away from the brush sometimes when I'm opening the bottle (albeit without disastrous messy polish outcomes so far).

Illamasqua - Glory

This nail varnish is currently priced at £13 and overall I would recommend it as a nice basic but versatile silver for your collection.

LoubouLush x


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  2. Hi Santy, thanks for your comment! I'll have a look at your blog now :D