Sunday, 25 April 2010

NOTD - Barry M Pale Pink/Strawberry Ice Cream

More pink love going on this week, this time it's the nails!

Barry M Pale Pink 309/Strawberry Ice Cream np 309 - £2.95

Now I love Barry M nail polishes. They are bargainous and come in a range of lovely colours. I spied this colour in my local Superdrug and thought it was perfect for summer - a real bubblegum pink.

It is labelled as "Pale Pink" 309 but on the Barry M site np309 is "Strawberry Ice Cream" so I assume they are one in the same. The colour is poppy but warm. I used a clear base coat and two coats of 309. I didn't bother with a clear top coat as I feel a third coat of colour would help create a more solid look and I haven't had time. The polish itself has coped well in terms of wear and chips so I'm really pleased. The polish dried quickly though a bigger brush would make application easier. I would definitely buy again and probably will as with benefiting from three coats per wear I don't think one bottle of it will last long. At £2.95 a pop though I'm not too bothered!
All in all a fab product for summer time fun!
LoubouLush x

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