Friday, 20 August 2010

NOTD Barry M "Spring Green" 290

I should really look into buying shares in Barry M. Specifically their nail polishes if possible.

I picked this up as part of the 2 for £5 deal in Superdrug. It looked rich and fun in the bottle so I thought I'd give it a go. I wasn't disappointed. The colour is difficult to photograph and this is as close as I got but the green is more vibrant in real life. It's like a bright emerald green and there's something about it that reminds me of green plastic like on a toy or something? I have no idea why but there you go!

I used two coats of the Spring Green and finished witha single clear top coat and it's standing up well. I've received a few lovely comments on it already. Impressive!

I have it teamed with a Barry M Pale Pink on my toenails and think it's a fun look for the ever disappearing summer!

All in all a great little budget buy for a fun summery look :)

LoubouLush x


  1. I don't like green but I kinda like this one! You have nice nails :-) x

  2. Thanks Danielle, it's quite an unusual polish shade really isn't it? I was a terrible nail biter up until a year or two ago so the novelty of wearing nail polish hasn't worn off yet ;)

  3. It is unusual. I was a nail biter, I've only started growing my nails since February this year so my nails are still pretty weak and break all the time lol. Your nails are lovely though x